Marshall MS-4 Micro Stack Amp Review.

The Marshall MS-4 Micro stack is Marshall’s entry into the portable battery powered amplifier. In keeping with path set down by other amplifier makers, the Marshall MS-4 Micro stack is like a Marshall stack that’s been hit with a shrink ray.

Marshall MS-4 Micro stack Features

Marshall-MS-4-Micro-Stack-AmpThe Marshall MS-4 Micro stack Amp is a 1w amplifier and features 2 independent speaker cabs (each with a single 3″ speaker), an amp head with Gain, Volume and Tone controls. The Marshall MS-4 Micro stack is truly a micro stack and stands only 9 3/4″ tall.

The Marshall MS-4 Micro stack is switchable between Clean and Overdrive modes. The single Tone control lets you adjust the balance between bass and treble.

The Marshall MS-4 Micro stack is powered by a single 9v battery or optional AC power adapter.


Marshall plugs the amp as being, “Powerful enough to blow the windows out of a doll house!”.

Maybe, if doll houses had windows. Then again, maybe not.

While it does pack a punch for a 1-watt amp, it has relatively weak distortion and poor cleans compared with similar portable battery powered amplifiers.

Marshall states the Marshall MS-4 Micro stack features a “Smokin’ stack design” and “Screamin’ stack sound,” but it’s plastic construction and weaker tone are its downside.

It’s a playable little amp that is well suited for classic rock and blues, but not jazz or metal. The Marshall MS-4 Micro stack definitely nails the Marshal stack look, but in the end it’s more style than substance.

But still, the idea of having a Marshall stack on your desk at the office is pretty sweet, right?

The Marshall MS-4 Micro stack Amp sell for about $60.


Check out the Demo:

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Orange Micro Crush CR3 Amp Review

The Orange Micro Crush CR3 is Orange Amplifiers entry into the portable battery powered amplifier market and it’s a worthy addition.

The Orange Micro Crush CR3 Amp is a 3w solid-state amp and features a single 4″ speaker.

Like its big brothers, the Orange Micro Crush is decked out with with a woven grill, tiny rubber footstools and the trademark Orange finish.

Orange Micro Crush CR3 Features at a glance


The Orange Micro Crush CR3 is a pretty basic combo amp. You won’t find any bells and whistles (ie: effects like tremolo and reverb) on portable battery powered amplifiers, but the Orange Micro Crush has the following features:

  • An integrated chromatic tuner with a row of LED’s for every note (including sharps).
  • 1/4″ headphone jack
  • Overdrive channel
  • Standard tone and volume controls.
  • 4″ speaker
  • 3w of power
  • 9v battery, or AC adapter

The Orange Micro Crush is not plastic – it’s wood and metal construction makes it a bit more durable than some other mini-amps.


The Orange Micro Crush CR3 Amp is a solid entry into the portable battery powered amplifier market and sells for $79 (with power adapter!).

You don’t get any effects, but that’s common with this size amplifier. What you do get is a very portable little practice amp and a good taste of Orange tone.

The clean tone is a bit on the light side, but the overdrive is incredible for such a little thing. I’d call it a Tiny Terror, except that name is already taken. Let’s say it’s a Micro Terror, or Tiny Beast. 😉

It’s an excellent amp for rock and metal, but you will probably want to pass on it if you’re looking for a good clean tone in such a small package. If you’re looking for good clean tone in a mini-amp, check out the Fender Mini Deluxe.

The Orange Micro Crush makes a great addition to the office or living room for those times when you just want to plug in an play, but don’t want to (or can’t) rattle the windows.

Orange Micro Crush Demo:

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Fender ’57 Mini Twin Vintage Tweed Amp Review

The Fender Mini ’57 Twin is a great way to take that vintage tweed look with you wherever you go. Measuring at just 2.8 x 9 x 8 inches and weighing under 2 lbs, this little guy is made to grab and go.

The Fender Mini ’57 Twin Amp captures the vintage 50’s look with its tweed covering, brown grille and miniature chicken head knobs. The Fender Mini ’57 Twin is a truly portable, battery-powered amp that’s great for practice, or just jamming in a bedroom, office or hotel room.


Whether you want to practice at night without waking the wife/kids/neighbors, or just want to grab an amp and go when you have a few extra minutes, the Fender Mini ’57 Twin is a great choice. It’s also made of wood, and not plastic like most other portable amps.

Fender Mini ’57 Twin Features

  • Super-realistic look
  • 1 watt
  • Twin 2″ speakers
  • Tweed-covered wood cab
  • Built-in distortion
  • Power, volume, and tone controls
  • 9V power adapter jack
  • 1/4″ headphone jack

The Fender Mini ’57 Twin is a great little amp for the size. It’s quite capable of putting out a decent volume on overdrive, and but clean enough to play quietly too.

The Fender Mini ’57 Twin runs off of a single 9v Battery or AC power adapter (not included). The Planet Waves 9V Power Adapter is recommended, and available for less than $10.


Sure it’s small, but that’s the point. This puppy oozes vintage style, and can produce some decent tones. Actually, pretty remarkable tones for its size.

The Fender ’57 Mini nails the vintage 1957 tweed look, and proves that great things sometimes do come in small packages. It’s the perfect gift for the Fender fan in your family.

The Fender Mini ’57 Twin Amp sells for about $43, and would make a nice addition to a game room, or office or bedroom. It’s a truly vintage looking conversation piece that rocks.


Fender Mini ’57 Mini Twin Demo:

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