Cheap and Comfortable guitar picks – Clayton Picks Beehold!

Looking for some cheap and comfortable guitar picks? Something that’s stylish and feels good between the fingers? I may have just the thing you’re looking for – the Clayton Picks Beehold BHS80.

Clayton Picks Beehold BHS80 Guitar Picks

I recently purchased a pack of 6 of these puppies for $1.92 from Amazon – to get FREE Super Saver Shipping on my order of HDMI cables and Dean Markley Vintage Light 1972 Electric Guitar Strings!

Alright, so that’s not the best way to choose your guitar gear, but I’m cheap and I was $1 short of the amount I needed for free shipping. I did a quick search and behold (or should I say Beehold?) – these Clayton Beehold BHS80 Picks appeared.

Clayton Picks Beehold BHS80 Guitar Picks.

The most unique thing about the Clayton Beehold BHS80 Picks is that they have a small hole cut out of the middle. Actually, that’s a hexagonal hole – to fit the honeycomb motif. Clayton markets them as having a “Special cut out” that “provides a comfortable grip”, and they’re right! This cut allows you to locks the pick in place once you’ve moved it where you want it.

Playing my acoustic with these provided a bright tone, and I was flying through licks on my Gibson electric as well. They’re durable and made from the Clayton Picks “Black Raven material”. This material has been specially formulated to reduce string pop, and has a matte surface to improve the grip in your hand. All in all, they’re pretty good, cheap picks.

I have to admit that the bar was pretty low when I bought these, but they really are quite comfortable. They’re gimmicky to be sure, with the honeycomb and bumble bee logo but I’d say they’re worth the money.

The Clayton Beehold BHS80 Picks come in 3 sizes – 0.50 mm, 0.80 mm, and 1.00 mm.

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