From time to time I get emails asking various questions about guitar gear differences and what they mean to players. I’ve answered common questions in articles, so I don’t have to email those continuously. I thought I’d make it even easy for you by combining them into an FAQ index of sorts. Here are the hot topics today. I’ll keep adding as I get more…

Feel free to leave a comment or contact me directly if you have any questions you don’t see here.

Frequently asked guitar questions and answers

Q: What’s The Difference Between Class A and Class AB Tube Amps?

A: You’ve seen various tube amp descriptions that read Class A or Class AB amplifier, but what does any of that mean? And why should you care? This article explains the differences that matter most. It breaks those differences down and describes how they effect the tone of the amplifier. There’s also more science-y details if you’re the type that “needs to know.”

Q: What are the Differences Between Squier and Fender Guitars?

A: Squier vs. Fender is a timeless debate with no clear winner except to say that it comes down to price vs. quality with a hefty bit of personal preference thrown into the mix.  Here’s a 30-second overview, with more detail added toward the end. It’s not as simple as price alone. To eliminate some of the wider price differences between models, I’ve compared the Squier brand to the Made in Mexico (MIM) Fender.

Q: What’s the Difference Between Epiphone and Gibson Guitars?

A: The debate between Epiphone vs Gibson may seem a lot like the one between Squier vs Fender, but it’s less clear than that. Where Squier guitars are largely less expensive versions of Fender models, Epiphone offers less expensive versions of Gibson models but also many models not found in the Gibson catalog. This article gives much more background into the differences and why they matter.