How to get better at playing guitar today!

Learning guitar has never been easier than it is right now. The wealth of information and tutorials available on the internet and on mobile apps is simply unprecedented. Learning with a 1-on-1 personal instructor is still the best way to learn, but it’s more costly and you have to set aside a specific time in your schedule. YouTube can be a great, free way to learn guitar on your own schedule but it can also be a waste of your time and leave you with a lot of gaps in your knowledge.


This is where TrueFire comes in. TrueFire offers courses that focus on a specific skill-set, genre of music or even specific songs all taught by professional musicians and experienced teachers.

Here’s a very partial list of professional instructors:

  • Larry Carlton
  • Tommy Emmanuel
  • Robben Ford
  • Andy Timmons
  • David Grissom
  • Sonny Landreth
  • Dweezil Zappa
  • Rusty Cooley
  • Johnny Hiland
  • Neil Zaza
  • Carl Verheyen
  • Mike Zito

You can access your courses and learn at your own pace –  anytime, from any computer, mobile device with browsing, or by using their free iPad app. You can even save the courses to your computer so you and learn even when you are without an Internet connection.

TrueFire Example Course.

Here’s a screen shot from one of my courses: Little by Little, by Tommy Emmanuel:


You can see a couple of things from this screen shot:

  1. There are a TON of views and breakdowns available for each lesson. Ex: this shot shows the tri-camera view of the performance of Halfway Home. There are also 4 other camera views of the performance :
    1. Wide – the full screen, single camera view of Tommy playing the song
    2. Left Hand 1 – single camera, full screen view of his fret hand from a more or less straight on view
    3. Left Hand 2 – single camera, full screen view of his fret hand, angled from the headstock
    4. Right Hand – the strumming (or in this case picking) hand
  2. Those are just the performance views. Each view is also available for the breakdown, or lesson portion of the course.
  3. For some lessons, TABs and backing tracks are also available in the bottom view.

Official list of features:

  • 500+ Courses spanning all styles, techniques & skill levels
  • 25,000+ multi-angle video lessons
  • 11,000+ tabs and standard notation charts
  • 10,000+ Guitar Pro interactive tabs
  • 7,000+ practice jam tracks
  • Available on the web, mobile, and iPad App

Signing up is free (you don’t even need a credit card until you buy a course) and it gives you 30 Day free trial of the TrueFire all access stream of 25,000+ guitar lessons with tab & jam tracks. It’s the ultimate in “Try Before you Buy!”


When you sign up using this link, you’ll also get:

  • TrueFire Cash Bonus Deposit of $10 for up to 25% off your first course!
  • 2 Free Downloads
  • 10 Licks You MUST Know & In The Jam: Sampler

Why you should consider TrueFire (my personal story).

I’ve seen programs like this in the past and the courses are usually poor quality, or very expensive – or both! This is not the case with TrueFire. The courses are all high quality and most contain 3 camera views so you can see the left hand front two angles and the right hand all in sync to get the best view for what you’re learning. The price of  downloads typically ranges from $12 to $30, but they have frequent sales and I’ve even gotten a number of courses for $5 during “12 days of Christmas” and similar sales.

I hate spending money on something I’m not going to use and I had been bitten in the past by various “online guitar classes”, so I was cautious about TrueFire in the beginning. But I have to say that they have been the best use of my time and money, next to having a 1-on-1 in-person lesson. I’ve gotten about 20 different courses that suit my style interests and skill level and I’ve made more progress as a player in the 10-20 minutes a night that I use these course than I had in the first 10 years of playing!

Go ahead and sign up for your free trial today!