Orange Micro Crush PiX: CR3 vs CR6

The Orange Micro Crush PiX line of amps is Orange Amplifiers’ entry into the portable battery powered amplifier market and They are a worthy addition.

The Orange Micro Crush CR3 and CR6 are both decked out with with a woven grill, tiny rubber footstools and the trademark Orange finish, just like their big brothers in the Orange Amps family.

What sets the Orange Micro Crush PiX amps apart from other battery powered amplifiers is that they are not plastic – their wood and metal construction makes it a bit more durable than some other mini-amps.

Orange Micro Crush PiX CR3

Orange-Micro-Crush-CR3The Orange Micro Crush CR3 Amp is a 3w solid-state amp and features a single 4″ speaker. It has no on-board sound effects (most portable battery powered amplifiers don’t), but features an overdrive channel and tone and volume controls.

The clean tone is a bit on the light side, which may make it a bad out-of-the box pairing with a telecaster (though you could always roll the tone knob back on the guitar itself to even it out). But the overdrive channel is where the Micro Crush CR3 shines – it’s just incredible for such a little thing. I’d call it a Tiny Terror, except that name is already taken. Let’s say it’s a Micro Terror, or Tiny Beast. 😉

I already reviewed the CR3 a while back, so you can read the full review here.

Orange Micro Crush PiX CR6

Orange-Micro-Crush-CR6The CR6 is like the Micro Crush CR3’s big brother. Like the CR3, the CR6 is also a battery powered amplifier, so it’s totally portable and you can play it without disturbing the neighbors (unless you really crank it and live in an apartment..)

The features at a glance of the cr6:

  • Controls: Gain, volume, tone
  • Inputs/Outputs: Headphone line out; auxiliary line in
  • Output: Stereo, 6 watts
  • Speakers: 2 x 4″
  • Built-in Tuner
  • Wood cabinet construction
  • Battery power (18V AC power supply sold separately)

The Micro Crush CR6 lets you play with headphones, so as not to annoy the neighbors (or any co-habitants), but the twin 4″ speakers can put out plenty of decibels for their size. Meaning, you can still rock out when you want to.

The Micro Crush CR6 has decent clean tone and great Orange amp crunch tones.

Watch the Demo:

CR3 vs CR6

OK, so the CR3 and the CR6 are very similar, but how are they different?

Differences between the Micro Crush CR3 and CR6:


  • CR6 has twin stereo 4″ speakers
  • CR3 has a single 4″ speaker


  •  CR3 has only an instrument input
  •  CR6 also has an aux input, so you can plug in your
    favorite mp3 player and jam along


  •  CR3 is 3W
  •  CR6 is 6W


  •  CR3 measures about 6″ x 6″ x 3″ and weighs 1.87 lbs
  •  CR6 measures 10.5″ x 8″ x 5.5″ and weighs 4.5 lbs

Both the Orange Micro Crush CR6 and Orange Micro Crush CR3 are made of solid wood and feature the same Orange grill covering as the larger Orange amplifiers. Both are battery powered amplifiers that are completely portable and compact and both are excellent practice amps.

Neither one is appropriate for gigs, and they likely won’t keep up with a full band in practice. But that’s not what they’re for anyway. These little guys ooze Orange tone and vibe, and they’re small enough to leave in the living room without attracting too much undue attention from significant others.

The Orange Micro Crush CR3 Amp sells for around $80 (with power adapter!), while the Orange Micro Crush CR6 is currently only available through certain 3rd party sellers and can be found for around $150 at the time of this review. Yes, the CR6 is quite a bit more money, but it’s also getting harder to come by so it’s a bit of a collector’s item too so it should hold more of its value.


You don’t get any effects, but that’s common with this size amplifier. What you do get is a very portable little practice amp and a good taste of Orange tone.

These are excellent amps for rock and metal, and each Orange Micro Crush makes a great addition to the office or living room for those times when you just want to plug in an play, but don’t want to (or can’t) rattle the windows.

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