Pigtronix Fat Drive Pedal Giveaway!

The Pigtronix FAT Drive is an all analog tube sound overdrive pedal that won’t rob your tone. It’s 100% analog overdrive with multi-stage tube emulated clipping and true bypass. Pigtronix FAT Drive features a hi/lo gain switch, tone control and “more” switch. The Pigtronix FAT Drive runs at 9 or 18 volts – i.e. battery or AC adapter. The battery is convenient, but the AC really provides the headroom needed to truly open it up.

The Pigtronix FAT Drive is incredibly flexible and lets you get tones from bluesy overdrive to rich saturation. It’s completely transparent, which means it won’t alter the character of your instrument, just compliment your tone.

I’m not the one giving away the Pigtronix FAT Drive though. That honor goes to The Tone King.

I wish it was me, but alas I’m not a big enough fish for such attention from the likes of Pigtronix. At least not yet – Hey, I can dream, can’t I ? 😉

Anyway, head over to TheToneKing.com an register to WIN a FAT DRIVE by PIGTRONIX . You can register until the end of May, at which time a winner will be chosen.

Wait, what are you still doing here?

Not convinced the Pigtronix FAT Drive is worthy of a place in your pedal board or gear bag? Ok, fine. Head over to the Pigtronix site for a demo and sound samples of the Pigtronix FAT Drive.

The Tone King also has a demo at hisWIN a FAT DRIVE by PIGTRONIX page. I think the Pigtronix demo highlights the bluesy tone better, while Tone King tears it up with crunch and the “more” switch.

Many thanks to The Tone King for hosting this giveaway!

Both Amazon and Guitar Center sell the Pigtronix FAT Drive for $139, but this is your chance to get one – free!

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