Great Novelty Guitar Straps for Gift Ideas

Guitar straps make great gifts. They can be functional and they can be conversation starters. They are often as unique as the player who uses them and give guitar players another way to express their individuality. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on them either. Here are a few favorites that sell from $5-20, great for the player who has everything.

Voodoo Guitar Strap From Planet Waves

voodoo-guitar-strapThis durable guitar strap with unique Voodoo style design is adjustable from 35″ to 59.5″ long, and also features the Planet Waves Planet Lock system. The Planet Waves patented Planet Lock system fits virtually any guitar and stays locked in place until you release the side pin.

The Voodoo guitar strap sells for $19.99

This guy should’ve had a guitar strap with the Planet Lock system


Fretfunk Acoustic Guitar Strap Button

fretfunk-acoustic-guitar-strap-buttonHere’s a handy accessory if your acoustic guitar is like mine – missing a strap pin near the neck. The Fretfunk strap button wraps around the point where the headstock meets the nut and voila! you now have a strap pin for any standard guitar strap. This strap is suitable for acoustic guitar and acoustic bass and is easy to use.

Best of all, it’s only $7.99

Ralph Marlin Artistic Guitar Strap

ralph-marlin-artistic-guitar-strapThese may look like designer neck ties, but they’re not. They are in fact 3″ wide guitar straps with classic art designs. Adjustable from 47″-63″ with leather ends. Designs include:

  • The Scream, by Edvard Munch
  • The Persistence of Memory, by Salvador Dali
  • The Statue of David, by Michelangelo
  • American Gothic, by Grant Wood
  • The Starry Night, by Vincent van Gogh
  • and more!$16.99 per strap

Guitar Strap With 3 Pick Holders

guitar-strap-with-3-pick-holdersThere’s nothing fancy about this guitar strap, but it is one of the more functional I’ve seen. This Nylon strap is about 2″ wide with leather end tabs and a length from 32.3″ to 51.2″. What makes this strap so handy is that it contains 3 little pockets for holding extra picks. No matter where to go, you’ll never be without a pick again!

sells for $4.99

Fashionable Sublimation Guitar Strap

fashionable-sublimation-guitar-strapHere’s a strap for anyone looking for a fashionable, unique strap that’s also affordable. Each strap is made from high grade polyester and features a unique (i.e.: random) pattern of vibrant color on black background. Each strap has a quality leather end but also comes with end-ties that are specially designed for acoustic guitars that don’t have a front strap button.

These sell for $14.99 each

D’Andrea US Flag Guitar Strap

Let your patriotic fervor fly with this high quality US flag guitar strap. The strap is fabric with leather end tabs and can expand to a full 54 inches.


The US Flag strap sells for $14.96

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The Best Novelty Guitar Picks for Gifts

Whether you’re looking for something different to pluck the old six string with or something for more of an arts and crafts project, the guitar picks on this list will fit the bill.

Guitar picks are always in demand for guitar players, because they’re always getting lost! At least that’s how it seems. Besides, they make for great stocking stuffers, birthday, father’s day or even mother’s day gifts for the guitarist in your life. They’re small, unique and not too pricey.

Premium Meditation Guitar Picks


Here’s one for the mindful guitar picker – a collection of 10 medium picks, with meditative, “mindfulness” images. Each pick has picture printed on both sides in vibrant color. These medium thickness picks are celluloid and give a warm, fat tone.

These meditation themed picks currently sell for $8.99.

A Bag O’ Picks From Pick Geek

Ask any guitarist and they will gladly tell you that their biggest enemy is not stage fright, it’s the plectrum gremlin that makes off with their picks when they aren’t looking.

It may seem like 51 guitar picks is excessive, but believe me – it’s not.

This is a great deal from Pick Geek

pick-geek50 guitar picks of various weight (extra heavy, heavy, medium, and light) plus 1 bonus steel guitar pick all in one funky holder bag. Each pick features one of 14 different color designs and you can choose from celluloid or Totrex

The Bag O’ Picks currently sells for $14.99 (that’s less than 30 cents per pick!)

Dunlop Lucky 13 Pick Tin

For those players among us who are a bit less funky and a bit more inked, there is this tin of collectible Dunlop Lucky 13 picks. You get 6 medium gauge totex picks with “full-throttle, in-your-face tattoo & rockabilly imagery” all in a Lucky 13 collectors tin.

Celebrate your rebellious side and rock out with piece of Dunlop’s homage to Grease, Gas and Glory.

The Dunlop Lucky 13 collection sells for $7.65


Peavey Classic Marvel Super Heroes Guitar Pick Pack

Fight evil while you rock out with this collection of vintage Marvel super heroes – including Capt. America, Iron Man, The Hulk, Spiderman and more! Each pick has one super hero face emblazoned on it (except the one with the classic Marvel logo) and is medium thickness.

Get your Peavey Marvel Super Heroes pack for $19.95


Surrealist Artwork Inspired By Salvador Dali

Talk about a conversation piece! This set of 12 celluloid picks comes with a tin box and leather keychain pick holder. Each pick has 2 stunning miniature reproductions of paintings by surrealist artist Jose Roosevelt. These picks are a standard medium size of 0.71mm and are made of high quality, durable celluloid.


These Surrealist Picks sell for $14.95

Vincent Van Gogh Guitar Pick Collection

This set of 12 celluloid picks comes with a tin box and leather keychain pick holder. Each pick has 2 miniature reproductions of paintings by Vincent Can Gogh (one on each side). These picks are a standard medium size of 0.71mm and are made of high quality, durable celluloid.


The Vincent Van Gogh collection sells for $14.95

Renaissance Art Guitar Pick Collection

This set of 12 celluloid picks comes with a tin box and leather keychain pick holder. Each pick has 2 miniature reproductions of paintings by Renaissance masters: Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Rembrandt’s, Vermeer & Munch. (one on each side). These picks are a standard medium size of 0.71mm and are made of high quality, durable celluloid.


This Renaissance Art collection sells for $13.95

Dragon’s Heart Guitar Pick

Ok, yeah I know.. nine bucks for a single pick is kind of crazy, but this is no ordinary pick!

The Original Dragon’s Heart pick is made from polyamide-imide with 12% graphite content. This makes it extremely durable. The manufacturer claims that a single Dragon’s Heart pick can endure over 1000 hours play before the edges become marred. With 3 optimized playing edges, this pick is a great gift for the shredder or even jazz player in your life.


Get your piece of the Dragon’s Heart for $9.69 (that’s less than a penny per hour of durability!)

Guitar Themed Picks

What better way to pick your guitar than with a guitar themed pick?! Of course, you might run the risk of triggering some kind of funky six-string supernova, but hey – why not live a little?

This collection contains 12 assorted gauge (light, medium and heavy gauge) premium celluloid picks. Each pick has a guitar-themed design on both sides, including: Keep Calm and Play Guitar, Without Music Life Would Bb, I heart Guitar and more.


This collection sells for $15.99

Christian Guitar Picks

Here’s a 12 piece pick pack for Christian pickers – regardless of what kind of music they play. Each pick is premium quality, colorful pearl celluloid of medium (0.71mm) thickness. Each pick features one of six Christian themed, inspirational messages on both sides.


The Christian Guitar Picks sell for $10.99

The Beatles Guitar Picks


Here’s a set for the Fab-Four fanatic in your life. Each medium gauge pick features a stylized “The Beatles” logo or Album name on each side. I’m not sure how long these will be available, but I have a set of the previous run (about 6 years ago) with Revolver style Beatles faces and they are among my favorite picks.

Get The Beatles pick collection for $9.99

USA Flag Guitar Picks

Here’s your choice for the American patriot on your gift list. It’s the ChromaCast 10 pack of medium (0.73mm) guitar picks. Each pick features a matte, non-slip finish and speckled American Flag design.

american-flag-picksThis collection of 10 American Flag guitar picks sells for only $3.99

Peavey Star Wars Pick Collection

Here’s a great collection of picks for the Star Wars fan on your list – a set of 12 medium gauge guitar picks from Peavey. Each pick has a full color photo of a Star Wars character from the original series (movies IV, V, VI):

  • Luke
  • Han
  • Yoda
  • Leia
  • Storm Trooper
  • Boba Fett
  • Darth Vader
  • and more

star-wars-picksThe Peavey Star Wars Pick Collection sells for $19.95

Clayton Pin-Ups Picks

Lastly, this set of 12 classic pin-up style beauties from Clayton Picks. Each pick features a matte surface with one of 6 different photo-realistic pin-up designs by artist Susan

Currently sells for $3.58


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