How To Get An Extra 25% Off Tommy Emmanuel’s Newest TrueFire Guitar Lesson Course

”On our journey as fingerstyle players, we start out learning the importance of thumb independence, boomchick bass, chords, melodies and harmony. In Fingerstyle Milestones we worked on your basic fingerstyle skills, and now with Fingerstyle Breakthroughs we’re going to learn 11 songs and new techniques such as inversions for boomchick patterns, muting techniques, classic fingerstyle licks, and how to build thumb speed.”

-Tommy Emmanuel

Hello thrillseekers!

Tommy Emmanuel is known by guitar aficionados around the world as one of the best fingerstyle guitar players, but he’s also known by guitar players as a generous teacher and ambassador of the thumb and fingerstyle method. He hosts a number of guitar camps around the world every year, and records video lessons for TrueFire as well.

On 8/18/2016 TrueFire is launching Tommy’s latest course: Fingerstyle Breakthroughs. From now until then, they’re offering a 20% discount on pre-orders, but when you sign up for a free TrueFire student account using this link, you get another 25% off your first course purchase.

Fingerstyle Breakthroughs.

Tommy organized the course into three sections:

  • I. Learn 2 new songs: Sweet Alla Lee and Spanish Fandango. Tommy first performs the tune at tempo, then he breaks it down. Next, Tommy guides you through a slow playalong version of the song to practice with. Both tunes fetaure bass muting techniques and sustaining the melody to keep the higher notes ringing out.


  • II. Tommy demonstrates a series of new ‘breakthrough’ techniques to prepare you to perform the songs in Section 3. Topics in this section include: Boomchick Inversions, Muting Techniques, Classic Fingerstyle Licks & Exercises, Bringing Out The Melody, Building Thumb Speed, Quick Chord Changes, 4 Stretching Exercises & Playalongs, and Key Changes.


  • III. In the third and final section, Tommy teaches you his original fingerstyle arrangements of 9 more songs: Back Home Again In Indiana, House of the Rising Sun, Tennessee Waltz, Liebestraum, Waltzing Matilda, Lime House Blues, The Entertainer, Avalon, and Golliwog’s Cakewalk.

Here’s an example from one of Tommy’s older courses (Fingerstyle Milestones):

About TrueFire

TrueFire offers courses that focus on a specific skill-set, genre of music or even specific songs all taught by professional musicians and experienced teachers.

You can access your courses and learn at your own pace –  anytime, from any computer, mobile device with browsing, or by using their free iPad app. You can even save the courses to your computer so you and learn even when you are without an Internet connection.

Most videos include the following views:

1. Left Hand 1 – single camera, full screen view of his fret hand from a more or less straight on view
2. Left Hand 2 – single camera, full screen view of his fret hand, angled from the headstock
3. Right Hand – the strumming (or in this case picking) hand
4. Tri-camera view – 3 views at one time in a split window view

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