VOX Mini3 G2 Modeling Guitar Amplifier Review.

The VOX MINI3 G2 is not only proof that great things can sometimes come in small packages, but is also possibly the ultimate portable modeling amp.

It’s powerful, portable and extremely versatile – what’s not to love?


The VOX MINI3 G2, Classic

In fact, the VOX MINI3 G2 Modeling Guitar Amplifier is portable and powerful enough to take out for street performances or picnics with the family or wherever.

With professional looks and compact design on the outside, and advanced modeling technology based on the VOX Valvetronix family of amps, the VOX MINI3 G2 is no toy!

What’s different in the G2 from the MINI3?

As you may have noticed, this review is for the VOX MINI3 G2, so you may be wondering: just what’s different between the VOX MINI3 (first generation) and the G2 (second generation)?

The bulk of the differences boil down to two things:

  1. The Bassilator Circuit
  2. Improved sound effects

The Bassilator Circuit

The VOX Bassilator is a newly designed circuit that provides richer low-end frequencies, beyond what is available by EQ alone. This is a big plus for high-gain players looking for a deep metal tone.

The effect of the Bassilator circuit can be heard at low level volumes as well, and really rounds out the sound.

Improved sound effects

The VOX MINI3 G2 features revamped on-board effects that are less digital sounding and easier to use than the first generation MINI3.

VOX MINI3 G2 Features at a Glance

  • Direct line connection for a keyboard or other source that is
    clean and free of distortion.
  • New Bassilator circuit – delivers a rich low end, especially
    with high-gain models
  • Built-in tuner
  • AUX input (ideal for connecting an MP3 player)
  • AC or battery powered portability (6-AA batteries)
  • Dedicated mic input with separate volume and reverb/delay
    controls – ideal for vocals
  • 11 amp models
  • Detachable shoulder-type carry strap for transporting your
    MINI3 with ease.
  • Audio Inputs: INPUT , MIC IN , AUX IN
  • Audio Outputs: Headphones
  • Speaker: 1×5 inch; 4Ω
  • Signal processing: A/D conversion = 24-bit, D/A conversion =
    24-bit, sampling frequency =44.1 KHz

11 Amp models


The VOX MINI3 G2, Ivory

The VOX MINI3 G2 provides 11 different amp models, across a wide range of genres. This is the heart of its versatility. It nails the British VOX tone (as one would hope! 😉 ), but also classic vintage through modern high-gain – and even rare boutique amps!

The VOX MINI3 G2 uses the same Valvetronix software that has earned VOX much acclaim for its warm, natural tube modeled tones.

There is also a Clean model that can be used with virtually any instrument you’d care to plug into, making it usable with not just electric guitar, but acoustic-electric guitar and even keyboards.

Here’s a run down of the amp models available on the VOX MINI3 G2:

  • BLACK 2×12
  • TWEED 4×10
  • AC15
  • AC30TB
  • UK ’70S
  • UK ’80S
  • UK ’90S
  • LINE


VOX_MINI3_G2_topAs mentioned above, the VOX MINI3 G2 features improved effects that are even easier to use than the first generation. And for reverb fans out there, the VOX MINI3 G2 features a dedicated reverb and delay effects section!

Extra care and attention have been given to the VOX MINI3 G2 effect interface to make it even easier for you to not only select, but also configure each effect. The tap tempo button, for instance, makes it simple to synchronize the delay time to the temp you wish to play.

Each effect is also editable, which means that once you have the effect set to where you like it, you can save it and go back to it with the twist of a knob anytime you like.

Here’s a list of the effects provided by the VOX MINI3 G2:

  • Compression
  • Chorus
  • Flanger
  • Tremolo
  • Delay/Reverb
    • Analog
    • Tape echo
    • Spring
    • Room

The VOX MINI3 G2 is a portable battery powered amplifier.


The VOX MINI3 G2 , Black

The VOX MINI3 G2 is ultra portable, weighing in at 6.6 lbs (3 kg) and measuring 10.32″ (262mm) x 6.85″ (174 mm) x 8.78″ (223mm). It runs run 6-AA batteries, or an optional AC power adapter. The battery run time varies with style of play, but VOX states you should get up to 10 hours of play on a single set of AA batteries.

There’s also a detachable strap, so you can carry your VOX MINI3 G2 by hand or over the shoulder.

The VOX MINI3 G2 is versatile!

With 11 amp models and 8 customizable on-board effects, the VOX MINI3 G2 is a highly versatile portable guitar amplifier – but it’s even more versatile than that!

You see, the VOX MINI3 G2 is not just a great little guitar amp. It’s “LINE” model of amp, is pure clean tone that makes it ideal for acoustic-electric guitar, keyboard or even mp3 which makes it an excellent, portable PA system!

The VOX MINI3 G2also has a separate mic input with its own dedicated volume and reverb/delay controls.

This make the VOX MINI3 G2 HUGE for busking or on-the-fly performances wherever you may be.

The VOX MINI3 G2 is pure VOX.

The VOX MINI3 G2 is a great portable, battery powered guitar amp that’s capable of so much more, but it also keeps to the VOX tradition. From the trademark diamond grill design to the “chimey VOX cleans” and British Crunch, the VOX MINI3 G2 is pure VOX quality and design.


Demo from VOX:

Amp model demo, from The ToneKing:

Effects Demo:


The VOX MINI3 G2 sells for about $120 and comes in 3 color variations:

  • Black (MINI3-G2-BK)
  • Classic model with the traditional VOX diamond grill cloth (MINI3-G2-CL),
  • Ivory (MINI3-G2-IV).

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